The P.O.I.N.T. of Being A Ministry Leader

Most of us find our call to serve God in ministry in a roundabout way. A lot of us don’t have academic degrees that qualify us. Because of that, we often struggle with insecurity.

We strive for validation through service, speaking, and publication. But no matter how many awards we win, the things we accomplish, and our followers, confidence is the only validation that lasts. Confidence is a decision, not a designation.

Who we are, knowing what we were called to do, or even where we are on the journey. But it always takes a great dollop of faith to make it stick. And some days, it sticks better than others.

So here is my acronym for getting to the point of ministry confidence, which is foundational to everyone who serves.

P is for Persistence, Patience and Permission

Being a ministry leader is a journey, not a destination, so it takes persistence to stay the course. Beyond that, it’s not a path that ends in perfection. Confidence means we must give ourselves permission to try things and fail. Failure is an option and frequently holds the key to learning the best secrets. Finally, we must have patience. Nothing about being a serious writer comes overnight.

O is for Optimism, Organic Growth and Overcoming Obstacles

The ministry journey isn’t easy, and that’s especially true if we’re only looking for the worst in ourselves and everything around us. We must develop a glass-half-full mentality to survive. Organic is the best kind of growth for a Christian leader. We all progress at our speed. Comparison is the quickest way to discouragement. Finally, obstacles—there are always bumps in the ministry road, no matter how far along we are. Obstacles are challenges to be met, hardships to be conquered, and barriers to get around. They are NOT excuses to stop.

One thing to note, however, is to make sure the hurdle isn’t there because God wants to change your path. Some hurdles are there for purposes other than going over them!

I is for Insecurity, Intuition and the Inconceivable

One thing to note, however, is to make sure the hurdle isn’t there because God wants to change your path. Some hurdles are there for purposes other than going over them!

N is for Noise, Never and Nevertheless.

Noise is the chaos of life-threatening to drown out the words and service clamoring to escape our souls. We must fight against the siren call of busyness and be about the work of ministry. Never is the time when we quit. We never give up the pen. The only way to fail as a leader is to quit, so never is the driving beat deep within our souls. Nevertheless, this is how we keep moving forward. Certain things happen, but we keep serving.

T is for Toiling, Testing and THE Call.

Toiling is what we do. It’s more than work; it’s the driving force that keeps us serving through the night and the chaos of life. Testing is what happens again and again as we prove to ourselves we can persevere. Finally, THE call is why I do what I do. I felt God whisper that I was called to a writing ministry. I feel His joy as exercise the gift He’s given me. And one day, I pray to receive the ultimate affirmation when I stand before Him. “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

These points make up the lines that create the service we share with the world.


What obstacles have you faced in trying to walk in purpose and how did you overcome them?

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