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Spring 2024—Lane P. Jordan and Reconnecting with Purpose One Person at a Time

In this empowering issue, we delve into the transformative power of human connections, unveiling inspiring stories and invaluable insights that will uplift and enrich your life. From heartwarming tales of purpose and presence to practical tips for nurturing relationships and authenticity, every page is brimming with wisdom and encouragement.

Discover how simple words can reshape your closest bonds, and explore creative ways to reignite the spark in your romantic life. Navigate the challenges of parenting with renewed strength, and learn how to build lasting connections even amidst conflicts.

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Winter 2024—Kimberley Woodhouse Shares Stories of Faithfulness


Curl up by the fire with the latest issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Our Winter 2024 edition explores stories of faith, hope, and God’s love during life’s chilly seasons. Meet our cover star Kimberley Woodhouse who shares her journey of resilient faith in “Faith Beyond Measure.” Issue highlights include: – Linda Evans Shepherd finds God’s surprises in unlikely places in “Subway Surprises” – Amber Weigand-Buckley seeks direction when feeling stuck in “Going Nowhere?” – Sue Detweiler asks God for healing rain in “Desperate for a Downpour of Healing Rain?” – Pam Farrel offers biblical wisdom on discerning God’s will in “Wisdom for Discerning God’s Will” You can read or download your print copy here and at our website, Be encouraged by the power of God’s love this winter!

2023 Holiday Issue Celebrate the Season with Michele Chynoweth

Celebrate the season of joy and renewal with Leading Hearts Magazine’s enchanting December issue! This edition is filled with heartwarming stories, insightful articles, and exclusive features to uplift your spirits. Our lineup of inspiring contributors shares personal journeys of transformation, resilience, and faith, making this issue a perfect companion for the holiday season.

Michele Chynoweth: Tragedy, Tenacity & Divine Calling: Discover Michele Chynoweth’s extraordinary path from journalist to bestselling author in this inspiring narrative of resilience. And More!


2023 October/ November Issue
Heart Conversations with Relationship Expert Dr. Velma Bagby

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Relationships—life wouldn’t be life without them. But navigating relationships can be challenging. Find wisdom and hope in the latest issue of Leading Hearts Magazine.

Grow in faith and love with Dr. Velma Bagby’s fiction series on avoiding Mr. Wrong in dating, and Patty Mason’s guidance on discerning God’s voice. Enjoy an exclusive interview with gospel legend CeCe Winans on passing down faith through generations.

Gain insights from Pam Farrel on when a spouse strays from God, and Jacquelyn Maruska on moving from pushover to powerhouse. Also get great relationship tips for ministry leaders, families, and more.

Let the practical wisdom on relationships in this issue inspire you to embrace everything God has for you. 

2023 August/September Issue:
Lee Ann Mancini—Instilling a Lifelong Love of God

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Love changes everything. Let 1 Corinthians 13 be your guide as we explore love’s power to transform lives in the August/September issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Discover God’s boundless love for you. Learn to love yourself through His eyes. Uncover where love ignites a passion for serving. Lee Ann Mancini graces our cover with her mission to instill a lifelong love of God in children and read an interview with award-winning and bestselling fiction author Lynette Eason about the heart of story. Uplifting articles include: outshining difficult circumstances, loving your child unconditionally, finding God’s love in closed doors, and embracing your value in Him. 

2023 Summer Issue: Special 52-Page Edition—
Linda Evans Shepherd—Make Time for Joy

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2023 Summer Issue—Special 52-page edition
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This edition of Leading Hearts magazine shines the spotlight on some inspiring members of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. These Christian women communicators have dedicated their lives to spreading the love of Jesus. Get inspired and learn more about these 25 incredible individuals as they look to make a lasting difference in our world. Make Time for Joy with Linda Evans Shepherd, Soul Care for Creatives with Edie Melson, 5 Lies About Leading You Need to Stop Believing with Amber Weigand-Buckley and Lisa Burris Burns, Tips for Busy Moms with Michelle Medlock Adams, What if I Don’t Want to Forgive with Laura Simon and much, much more. 

2023 Spring Issue—Michelle Medlock Adams—Connecting All Families with His Love

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Roll down the windows and enjoy the sunshine with Leading Hearts Spring 2023 issue. Michelle Medlock Adams, our Cover Girl, will give you a fresh perspective on connecting every family with the love of Jesus! What is this Revival thing? Bible teacher, life coach, and award-winning author Tracy Hester gives insight into its purpose and God’s heart to take it beyond the Church walls. Find out how you can create a clean canvas for your leadership team, gain confidence in building your social media muscles, and eliminate any toxic thoughts that may be clouding your mind. All this and more is in the new issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Sign up for a digital copy by texting LEADINGHEARTS to 64600 or get a print copy from—don’t miss out on this powerful new issue!

2023 Winter Issue—Straight Talk & Honest Conversations
with the Real Preacher's Wife Lady Laura Simon

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It’s time to get to the nitty gritty issues of life to overcome personal hurdles and embrace purpose with the Winter 2023 issue of Leading Hearts. Lady Laura Simon shares her trek through identifying and confronting her inner “Pharisee.” Learn how to Build Meaningful Connections Between People of all Color, A Prayer for Unity, The How-os of Handling Gossip, Your Social Media Critics and Secrets to Embrace a Teachable Spirit. All this and more is in the new issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Text LEADINGHEARTS to 64600 to get this issue delivered straight to your mobile device.

2022 Holiday Issue—How Good Are You at Choosing Peace
with Tracy Taris

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Turn on some Christmas tunes, grab a big cup of cocoa (extra marshmallows) and settle in that comfy chair with the new issue of Leading Hearts for an unhurried start to the holiday season.  Author of Many Voices, One Truth, Tracy Taris, will help you embrace peace in every circumstance. Are you dreading holiday strife of dealing with hard to deal with people during the holidays? Linda Evans Shepherd has the prayer you need before hosting any gathering this season!  Janell Rardon shares secrets to embracing an unhurried life for the holidays and beyond. Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith will help you establish those much-needed boundaries on your Holi-Do list. Penelope Carlevato shares the faith of the late H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II; the sweet worship sounds of Yancy and more are in this issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Get this issue delivered straight to your mobile by texting LEADINGHEARTS TO 64600.

2022 Conference Issue—The Hardest Questions I've Asked God
with Eva Marie Everson

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Get reignited in purpose with the new issue of Leading Hearts magazine, which features inspiring Christian Women Communicators who, just like you, are called to move in God-sized purpose. Hear inspiring stories and practical insight for leaders from the women of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, including our Lifetime Achievement Award-Winning and bestselling author and speaker, Eva Marie Everson. Get secrets to staying unstuck in your call from Tracy Hester, Reignite the Torch of Revival with Linda Evans Shepherd and find out if Paul said women should be silent in church. PLUS! Insight from worldwide recording artist Sharon Tedford on how to break through the perfectionist mindset. All that and more in this issue of Leading Hearts magazine. Text 64600 to get this digital issue delivered right to your mobile device.

Summer 2022 Issue—Following the Favor of God's Goodness
with Susan Neal

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Has God called you to a new season in your life? Are you stepping into something uncomfortably bigger than you imagined for yourself? Or are you playing the Waiting Game, not knowing what God will do with you next? This issue of Leading Hearts will help you find the courage to follow God’s leading into whatever He has for YOU, whether in ministry, your job, or in a new endeavor! Do you feel the nudge to write, speak or start a home-based business—we have practical insights to start you off on the right foot. Plus, overnight CCM sensation Katy Nichole (In His Name) shares her personal miracle story of experiencing healing from scoliosis! Find articles about how to hone the tone of your social media posts, why podcasts benefit writers, how to set up your home office, and much more in this issue of Leading Hearts. Text 64600 to get this digital issue delivered right to your mobile device.

Spring 2022 Issue—Discover the Voice God Gave You
with Linda Goldfarb

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Are you struggling to share the story God’s given you? Have feelings of shame, fear, anxiety, or unresolved hurt or grief left you feeling disqualified to lead?
This issue of Leading Hearts is focused on helping you be freely released into the call God has for you. Hear Linda Goldfarb’s journey to finding her voice, Rachael Lampa and the women of the FAITHFUL project, secrets to lifetime leadership, and what successful leadership looks like. Plus, find the true measuring stick for success with Carol Kent and why social media is still important for ministry leaders!
All this and more in the new issue of Leading Hearts!

Winter 2022 Issue—Live Significantly
with Dr Sharon Norris Elliott

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Ladies, 2022 is your year to let God take you to the next level. He is calling you to LIVE SIGNIFICANTLY to fulfill His Purpose for YOUR LIFE! Don’t sit down in inadequacies, insecurities or inabilities any longer. In this issue, you will hear from Live Significantly herald for the Kingdom Dr. Sharon Norris Elliott. Find out how to craft great devotionals, sharpen your blogging skills, minister to the grieving, and find hope even when your prayers aren’t answered. Waymaker songwriter Sinach shares the reality that GOD IS making way for YOU —Are you ready to move in it? All this and more in the new issue of Leading Hearts!

Holiday 2021 Issue—Celebrating Hope
with Martha Bolton

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CELEBRATE HOPE with Leading Hearts’ Holiday Issue with our featured cover lady Martha Bolton, the first female staff writer for Bob Hope! How to navigate grief at your holiday table, reaching the world with Momma Love and tips to get to published author status! All this and more in this issue of Leading Hearts!