Living Connected: An Introvert’s Guide to Friendship, with Afton Rorvik

On this episode of the Arise Esther Podcast Dawn interviews Afton Rorvic, author of Living Connected: An Introvert’s Guide to Friendship. This book promotes introversion as a friendship-building gift. Introverts (and those who love them) will learn how to live connected, something that God calls all of us to do, even in this these pandemic, divisive days.

YOUR HOST: Dawn Scott Damon is known as the BraveHearted Mentor; Coaching for women over 40. She is a speaker, podcast host, mentor, and award-winning author. Dawn is also an ordained Pastor, who has served the Church as the Sr. Pastor for the last 7 years.

Dawn Damon is a favorite keynote conference speaker and an engaging communicator who inspires her audience to maximize their God-given purpose and potential in Christ. Dreams are ignited as Dawn uses sound biblical teaching, personal stories, and humor to awaken gifts and callings found in everyone.

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