Arise Esther Podcast with Dawn Scott Damon

Modern stories of bold faith, courage, and the grit of resilient women.

Arise, Esther Host, Dawn Scott Damon, shares open conversations with “modern-day Esthers” who have overcome obstacles, made leaps of bold faith and stepped up to be used of God in an Esther moment of courageous leadership.


Dawn Scott Damon is a pastor, speaker, radio host, and author. An ordained minister with the Wesleyan Church, Dawn is the Lead Pastor of a multi-cultural church called Tribes located in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Dawn loves to coach and empower women to live in freedom and is the founder of the FreedomGirl Sisterhood Conference and Radio Broadcast found on the Radio for Divas network. Dawn’s previous Book, When A Woman You Love Was Abused, won her 2 awards. A popular keynote and conference speaker, Dawn is an engaging communicator who inspires her audience to move beyond the pain of past trauma and to maximize their God-given purpose and potential in Christ. Dreams are ignited as Dawn uses sound biblical teaching, personal stories, and splashes of humor to awaken the gifts and callings in every person.


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