The Cookie Extravaganza

What says holiday cheer more than the smell of fresh baked cookies?

Karen & Cherry

Hundreds gather at a South Texas home on a crisp December afternoon.

Guests get gloves, trays, and instructions. They choose cookies from displays. They pay per pound after loading trays. The money aids an Indian school.

Inside, the smell of over 6,000 gourmet cookies greet the guests. Mother-daughter duo Karen Porter and Cherry McGregor handmade the cookies.

Cookies That Change Lives

For 15+ years, the bakers have hosted the Cookie Extravaganza. They support various charities. They now send proceeds to Sanctuary Home. This Indian school educates and houses underprivileged children. Education lifts these children out of poverty.

The family cherishes Sanctuary Home. They regularly travel there. They provide dental services and aid.

The Method Behind the Cookie Madness

Preparation starts in October. They mix dough daily. They freeze dough balls or logs. Some dough gets Christmas cutouts. Then they wrap and seal the dough. Recipes include old family favorites and new creations.

The week before, they bake, ice, and decorate the cookies. They wrap each cookie stack. They label trays with clever names.

‘Tis the Season for Clever Cookie Names

Naming cookies is fun. They make cranberry cookies Blitzen’s Favorite. Lemon snowdrops become Gnome Buttons. Snicker Bars turn into Lumps of Coal. White chocolate chips are now Scrooge’s Humbug. Pumpkin chocolate chip is “It’s a Wonderful Cookie.”

6,000 cookies is no easy feat. “Decorating is my favorite,” says Cherry. “We ensure no plain cookies. We dip even simple cookies in chocolate and sprinkle.”

Passing on the Gift of Giving

“This Christmas, go beyond your routine. Do something spectacular to celebrate Jesus’ birth,” they say.

On November 15, 2023, they will release a cookbook. It includes recipes and tips to start your own fundraiser. They suggest getting a team. Most can’t tackle this alone.

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