Lynette Eason: The Heart of Fiction

Lynette Eason with Rebecca White

“A love for God, a love for story, and a love for my readers are the things that motivate me to write. This love keeps me going even when I’m frustrated with my characters or storylines.” 

—Lynette Eason

When newly married Lynette Eason found herself a lonely bride due to her husband’s business travel, she decided to fill her time by dreaming up stories. She soon discovered the joy of creating characters helped her create a friendship that eased her loneliness and brought her closer to God. Her new hobby helped her fill empty evenings. 

Eventually, it turned into an amazing journey to author over sixty Christian romance and suspense novels enjoyed by millions.

Today, as a USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author, Lynette continues to love the creativity of writing fiction. Her secret sauce is that she prays over each book she writes. Everytime Lynette completes a novel she still sits in awe of the process. 

“I never could have written any of my books without God guiding me through the entire process.”

Lynette’s main goal is to write stories that honor and glorify God and make readers realize their need for Jesus. Just as Jesus used parables to teach important lessons, Lynette turns to God for guidance as she weaves the concepts of His Word through each work of fiction.

Utilizing her characters as messengers, Lynette reveals a powerful truth that applies to everyone: we’ve all messed up and fallen short of God’s glory. She beautifully weaves a universal theme into her stories, reminding us of our imperfections and the need for God’s grace.

“God created us to crave stories and entertainment, but He also created us with a desire to learn,” she says.

Lynette’s biggest blessing comes when God uses her words to reach those who might need healing and resolution in a specific area of their lives. She is always surprised when one of her novels, even though it is fiction, profoundly impacts a reader and promotes a life-transforming shift in their thinking. 

One reader sent Lynette an email sharing how her book No One to Trust reflected her confrontation with an online scammer. The reader told Lynette that the book helped her heal from her woundedness, especially as the character had the same name as the person who had scammed her. This reader relayed that the novel’s resolution brought her a newfound sense of peace and forgiveness. 

Even though the plot coincidence of the book appeared crazy, Lynette knew it was God-designed to bring healing and closure in this chapter of the reader’s life, and to this day the two continue to correspond,

“Only God can use a novel to speak truth to the heart of someone who doesn’t expect the plot of a book to reflect her own life. That’s because only God knows what a reader will need,” Lynette shares.

Another reader shared that she stumbled across Lynette’s book Too Close to Home in her own online library. Though this reader selected a different read, Lynette’s book popped open. The reader thought it strange but after she browsed Lynette’s book, she could see why God had put it in front of her. The reader fell in love with the characters and grieved at a character’s death. 

Once the reader began to read Lynette’s book, she couldn’t put it down. Next, she read the complete series.  After that, this fan set out to read everything Lynette wrote.  One reason this reader finds Lynette’s novels so refreshing is because the books are well written and contain no explicit content.

Lynette strives to write characters that honor God, even if it is in the character’s transformation. Lynette hopes that by the end of the book, readers can see how change is possible even in their own lives.

The veteran novelist of more than 60 books, always has bigger purpose in mind through her storytelling. To create life-changing characters, she digs deep into godly leadership traits and shows how they take root in the characters’ lives.She prays that these moments of growth and learning take root to become valuable principles her readers can use themselves.

Lynette, who also enjoys photography and spending time with family, considers herself blessed to have the opportunity to share her stories and messages with the world. She recognizes that her words have the power to touch lives and bring the incredible message of Jesus to a hurting world. It’s a mission she cherishes deeply.

Lynette Eason is the award-winning and best-selling author of over 60 books. Her book “Her Stolen Past” was made into a movie by the Lifetime Movie Network. Her new release, Countdown: Extreme Measure 4, releases this August. She loves connecting with readers on social media and

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