Proof In A Photobomb

 I love photobombs. The person being photographed thinks they know how the picture will turn out, only to have a huge surprise when something unexpected steals the scene.

This month the miracle is how God photobombed me! No kidding!

When I was writing my award-winning book, The Endling, I clearly remember the day I created the idea of Emerson (the main character) finding a pendant in a mystery tin her grandfather had hidden for her. She had to earn the right to wear it.

As I wrote, the picture in my head was clear. The pendant would be the size of a half-dollar, carved out of bear bone, with the face of a bear in the middle, two eagles on top, and two eagles on the bottom. I wanted it to represent The Endling’s family.

The circle shape for her grandmother—Pale Whispering Moon, the center carving, her mother—Standing Bear, two eagles on top—Grandfather Two Eagles, and the two on the bottom for her.

Easy Peasy.

Because I saw it in my head I didn’t try to come up with anything else and moved along.

A couple of years later a miracle occurred, I got a contract with Firefly Southern Fiction to publish The Endling.

A year after that-another miracle. I felt an internal nudge to google “pendants carved in bear bone,” thinking if anyone used that medium, I might commission a replica to wear the day of the book launch. When handmade jewelry sites popped up, I was delighted. I clicked on one and typed “bear and eagles,” in the search bar.

If my life had a soundtrack, as they do in movies, this is where angelic music would be playing because when I hit “enter,” the pendant I (thought) I had created in my imagination popped up.

Not just something like what I had visualized and written. EXACTLY WHAT I HAD VISUALIZED AND WRITTEN! Then my life soundtrack would have been playing the Twilight Zone theme because I must have said, “no way,” at least fifty times.

Turns out that I wasn’t the creator. God was.

He had gifted me a perfect preview when I wrote the description. Even though I had not felt His presence in a supernatural way, the pendant is proof that feelings are not facts, because God had directed me. He was the “author and the finisher.” I was just along for the ride.

I have a pendant that is proof He is always there guiding, directing, and interacting with me even when I’m oblivious. Bear bone proof!

Just for fun…this would be the angelic music that goes with my miracle.

And the theme when the pendant popped up:

Do you have a God photobomb to share?

Dr. Deborah Maxey is a member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Her book, The Endling: A Novel, received the 2021 Golden Scroll Contemporary Novel of the Year and the 2021 Christian Book Market Novel of the Year. It is also an Amazon best-seller.

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