Put the Kibosh On Putting It Off


Postponing activities may be tied to your personality. If you know yourself, you can use what motivates you to move forward and get around the roadblocks that steer you off course.

Sanguines Procrastinate When Tasks are Isolated or Boring

A popular, friendly, talkative sanguine seeks fun. Procrastination is tied to the thought, “This isn’t fun.” To overcome this tendency a sanguine can ask a friend to help and turn a task into a social activity.

Sanguine people are impulsive and may volunteer for anything that sounds fun but stall after discovering the drudgery of the task. A Sanguine should envision the work involved before making commitments.

Other people can motivate the sanguine person with praise and outward expressions of gratitude.

Powerful Cholerics Procrastinate Due to Lack of Control

Powerful cholerics are goal-driven doers and natural leaders who want control. This person may over-commit or avoid tasks where someone else is in control. This person needs to view the task as a goal and support leaders. Being reasonable about accepting new obligations eliminates over-commitment.

This individual likes recognition for accomplishments, so acknowledge the person’s hard work and results.

Melancholic People Delay Due to Perfectionist

Tendencies—Perfect melancholy people are sensitive to the needs of others and strive for perfection but fear failure. They procrastinate when it appears their efforts won’t be perfect enough. This person analyzes a situation, thinks before agreeing to perform a task, and usually fulfills obligations.

To overcome fear and doubt, the individual should lower her standards and accept less than perfect results. Self-motivation can come from creating a logical plan to accomplish goals and breaking projects into small steps. To motivate the individual, remind the person of past successes and boost confidence with pep talks.

Phlegmatics Avoid Work

An easy-going, phlegmatic person likes to relax but avoids whatever appears to be work or projects that seem too complex. It’s easier for this person to set rewards and break larger projects into smaller steps to do one part at a time. Understanding consequences, especially ones that cause discord. Laughter also makes a task more pleasant and easier to tackle.

Motivate such a person with praise, respectfully acknowledging the contributions and promises of rest or sharing a meal after the work is completed.

Challenge Yourself

When a delay sets in, check your response to find the personality trait underlying the problem and then counter it with the appropriate motivation. Challenge yourself to go past the roadblocks and detours to eternal safety.

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