Rise Above Your Emotions

Is it possible to rise above circumstances you can’t change?

It is when you serve a God Whose Kingdom is not subject to the cares of this world.

In Mark, chapter 4, Jesus told a parable about thorns choking sprouting seedlings to illustrate how the cares of this world can choke us, preventing us from having a fruitful life of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

I understand thorny cares.

Years ago, my toddler was injured in a devastating car crash and lived in a coma for over a year. When she finally woke up, she was left with severe disabilities. These thorns could have crushed my spirit, but God helped me to find joy through my tears and peace through my heartache, especially as I studied the word, prayed, and yielded to more to God’s presence in my life.

In my new book, Praying Through Your Emotions, Finding Peace No Matter What, I show how to weed out the enemy’s thorns with Scripture prayers.

Give it a try and pray this powerful prayer about ANXIETY:

Dear Lord,

The trouble in this world has made me anxious. But You want me to turn my anxieties over to You.

You remind me not to fear or be dismayed because You are my God.

You promise to strengthen and help me as You hold my hand. Okay, I’ll take Your anxiety challenge and give You all my anxieties.

I turn over my life, my food, my clothes, my body, my fears, and my worries to You.

After all, the birds never worry or stress out about their lives, and You take wonderful care of them. And you’ve said that I’m more important to You than the birds.

My anxiety has been unproductive, causing my head to spin as I search for impossible solutions instead of trusting You.

You can figure everything out so much better than I can even imagine. All I have to say is “Thank You!”But the solutions are not up to me. The solutions to my problems belong to You!

Reprinted with permission from Praying Through Every Emotion from Baker Revell. Available now wherever books are sold.

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