Jen Ledger: Resting In His Arms

What’s awesome about our faith is that He didn’t pick us because we were strong or had our stuff together.

by Jenn Taylor in Leading Hearts magazine


She will tell you that she formed Ledger mirroring the bold music of Skillet. Her latest release, however, is definitely a more slowed down, intimate ballad. “My Arms” seems to have been released at the most perfect time. During these uncertain times, it encourages us to be real and run to the arms of Jesus.

“This is a special song. It’s not that I’m overcoming and I’m choosing to be bold and be brave,” Ledger said. “It’s like an invitation to that quiet place with the Lord. It’s actually okay that you’re not enough.

It’s okay that you have no idea how you are going to face what you are going through right now. It’s okay if this burden feels way too heavy. The truth is that God says, ‘I’m the one who makes the burden light. I’m the one who displays my strength through your weakness. I’m the one who likes gives you the ability to walk on water.’

“We’re not actually supposed to handle some of the things that God gives us.

They are often opportunities for Him to display himself in our lives in a way that’s really real, really trustworthy and really memorable. So, ‘My Arms’ is a song that can reach people in their most heavy moments.

Perhaps when they feel quite confused and they don’t know where to turn. Maybe they feel like they’re at a dead-end, but God would say, ‘I’m still here with you. It’s okay that you don’t know where to turn.

So, I really want the music to reflect that.

Those moments where I feel broken. I feel confused. I feel like I don’t know how to do this. Kind of like the song almost represents those moments when you’re breaking or you’re falling apart. That’s where God would whisper to you, ‘Here I am. You’re never on your own.

It’s okay that you don’t know how to get through this. I’m going to help you. I’m going to carry you through this.’

Yeah, maybe this is too much for you, but it’s not too much for Me.’” “My Arms” is her latest single, and she’s currently writing and working on a full-length album that she hopes to release in early 2021.

Before performances and tours were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ledger was out full-time with Skillet on The Victorious Tour. Ledger opened the show and finished the show drumming with Skillet.

“It’s exciting to see where I’m running hard, running fast, and I’m just hoping and praying that the Lord will make that path clear. We’re writing like mad. Hoping to have the full-length project out in January. I imagine ‘My Arms’ would be on it.”

She continues to feel humbled that God allows her to do music. She enjoys meeting the fans who have followed Skillet for about 10 years now.

“Sometimes Skillet is a little too heavy for Christian radio. And a little too Christian for rock radio. In many ways, it’s like we don’t necessarily belong, but then we see the fans that keep coming out. They don’t belong either.

They’ve found community together in the Skilletland. It’s an honor to be out on tour to see these fans and hear their stories. We are humbled to have such a long career.”

She hopes Ledger will do the same and do the very same template as Skillet. “I love great music and reaching people that feel lost, that feel alone. If I can be a part of music that’s reaching people like that, I will do it any way that I can,” she said. “So, I am just going to keep writing music for Ledger. Keep playing music for Skillet. Be a part of something that God is using to help those people that just feel alone.”

Ledger thinks it’s important to be real and honest about our struggles. “What’s awesome about our faith is that He didn’t pick us because we were strong or because we had our stuff together. We could never earn our salvation. We could never earn His love. He makes us a new creation.

He loves us though we are broken. He loves us even though He knows we are not strong. He loves us in the righteousness of Christ. He’s done the complete work, so why do we feel the need to always have our stuff together basically? Why would I not be real with the One who already knows the depths of my heart?”

Ledger has been open about sharing her struggles with anxiety and fear. She says this is exactly what “My Arms” is about. It doesn’t mean that she struggles all the time, but she recalls dealing with anxiety as she auditioned for Skillet and started Ledger.

“But the beautiful thing is instead of looking at all my limitations and weaknesses, I put my eyes on Him. He sees all your weaknesses and limitations, but with Him, they are completely changed,” she said.

“If people really knew me, behind the scenes, the stuff I was struggling with a few years ago, they might have said, ‘She looks so weak. She’s struggling with anxiety.’

I look back and I see clearly that the hand of God was in my life. Look how He takes someone like me and does impossible things. That’s what ‘My Arms’ is all about.

It’s God saying, ‘It’s okay to be completely broken before Me. Come and lay your burdens before Me. I am the One who makes them light. I am the One who has the strength you don’t have right now.” The verse that has helped Ledger the most came to her during her nervous audition for Skillet.

“I was praying and right before the audition I really felt that God spoke to me from Isaiah 41:10 — “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will hold you with my righteous right hand.”

I felt like God spoke to me so clearly that He was going to be my help. I even got that verse tattooed on my wrist, and it’s been the thing I cling to 12 years later.”

Ledger hopes everyone who listens to “My Arms” feels the relief to be completely themselves in front of God. “He sees you, and there’s nothing that you could say to Him that would shock Him.

There’s nothing that you could say to Him that would make Him turn away. Even in a time of faithlessness, He is still faithful,” she said. “He is the source of all strength. The source of all life.

He is the hope we need when we feel completely hopeless. Please be encouraged and see this as an invitation from God to come to Him and know Him in a new way.”

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