Is This the Worst of Times?

by Linda Evans Shepherd in Leading Hearts magazine


You know these answers by heart: sickness, death, losing a loved one, job loss, not being able to pay bills or rent, having to work from home while homeschooling kids, or horrors — not being able to buy toilet paper!

All of this sounds pretty drastic, and yet, suddenly, very familiar. Yes, these are hard, unexpected times, and we never saw it coming.

But God’s not shocked, nor is He in a panic.

He’s not even hurrying to get a loan so he can stay afloat. And He certainly hasn’t run low on His supply of compassion, love, peace, kindness, gentleness, healing or provision.

The one thing we haven’t run out of during these worst-of-times is God’s presence. Oh sure, we may have a few questions that we’d like to ask Him like, Why have You allowed this world-wide heartbreak?

I’d like to challenge you to ask a different question: What would this pandemic be like without God; if God suddenly left us stranded in the middle of this mess?

Be of good hope, for God is here. He is with us. He is with you. He will supply your needs, if you ask. He will sit next to your bedside or the bedside of your loved one with healing in His wing. He will provide and will show you mercy and compassion, with or without toilet paper.

And what does God want from us during this worst-of-times?

One thing is clear: He wants to speak to you, to teach you how to trust in Him like never before. Let’s change our perspective and see what is really happening.

For starters, God has blessed us, the whole world, with a time when our most cherished idols have been removed. The games are canceled. The concert halls and movie theaters are quiet. Our places of employment have shuttered. Even church has been canceled.

But maybe, in God’s great mercy, these are also the best of times; a time when our idols have toppled so we can focus on who He is.

What if this were the only way He could get the world to stop and consider Him?

What if He’s given one of the most stubborn generations a time to repent?

What if it’s up to us, His people, to open our hearts wider, seek Him on a deeper level, live more in tune with His presence, push past our fears and share our faith, open the door to our purpose so we can live for Jesus?

Yes, these worst of times, through God, can be the best of times. They can be our defining moment, our finest hour. And don’t worry.

God’s got all of it.

After all, your precious life, as well as the whole world, is in His loving hands. You can be your best in the worst of times.

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  1. Lilian De Silva

    Thank you Linda for your wonderful thoughts. Truly our heavenly Father will never run low of the Fruit of His Spirit. He is always beside us in times of need. We His children are so blessed. I sometimes wonder how those who do not know the Father in heaven go through times such as this. As for us we can never be without a Praise and thanks unto Him.
    God bless our dear sisters of AWSA.

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