A Word that Fills My Online Presence with God

by Edie Melson@EdieMelson  in Leading Hearts Magazine

SOMETIMES, ONLINE INTERACTIONS CAN SEEM LIKE AN ENDEAVOR WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. And I’m a person who appreciates boundaries. With them, I’m not hampered by limitations; instead, I find they give my life definition. Choosing a word of the year helps me let God define my year before it even begins.

I’m not searching for any old word, I’m searching for my word.

So I go to God in prayer, asking Him to show me, in one word, what my next year’s journey will encompass.

I look for this word in His Scripture, in things people say to me, and in the things I’m experiencing. Through the years He’s given me some surprising words, but they’ve all helped me grow closer to Him.

This year’s word is no different.

The word He led me to for 2019 is FULL and it’s already proved to be a year full of discovery, insight and purpose.

And it’s helped me connect with Him and with others in a deeper and more meaningful way.

I’ve always struggled with filling my schedule too full of things that seem fun … or important … or necessary — all without asking God. And that was definitely part of what He had to share with me.

But it turned out there were layers to this word I didn’t expect.

He went on to impress how my life needed to be full of Him — His Spirit, His Word, His calling. He showed me that when I fill up on Him, then I’m protected from filling up on things that stress out my days. With this, my word had begun to move from negative to positive.

This proved incredibly important as my online interactions have continued to grow. I’ve had amazing God moments with people who are unexpected, and come away enriched as God weaves our stories together in unexpected ways.

I saw that when I’m God-full, I am protected in all my interactions.

I was less inclined to react with hurt and anger to the things and people I came into contact with.

I thought those things made for a full application for one four-letter word, but God had even more for me. He went on to show me that I needed to exchange some “fulls” for others.

I learned I needed to switch my focus to being more prayerful and more thankful. This has allowed me to deal with things that are stressful and situations that make me fearful in a more fruitful way.

As the days and months speed by, I find I’m continuing to look for applications to exemplify this word in my online interactions.

Like the unfolding flowers of spring, God is opening my eyes to what it means to fill my social media feeds and blogs with the fullness of Him.

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