The 2017 Jan/Feb Story Issue is Here!

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When God created Adam and Eve, He created the first generation of STORYTELLERS. He designed this duo with the heart to play the lead role in shaping the story of their lives and for this legacy to be passed down from generation to generation. That’s why He has given you and I a unique STORY of God’s love and faithfulness that demands an audience.

This issue is packed with inspiration, insight, and encouragement for you to step into the role of the Storyteller God’s created you to be! You’ll read stories from the sister of the Man-in-Black legend Joanne Cash as well as music artist Ginny Owens, and hear Pam Farrel’s heart on writing your own “real life” love story. We also have practical tips and personal insights for building and sharing your story—from the pen to the platform and even the silver screen.

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