Karen Whiting Helps you Release Creative Power

by Karen Whiting in Leading Hearts Magazine

Scriptures empower us in many ways. For me, Ephesians 3:16 is my life verse that always reminds me that God pours out treasures from His power.

We first encounter God’s power in Genesis 1.

The power to create and be creative is our first glimpse into God’s abilities and unlimited imagination. It is that power I pray for and that power I have received.

Scientists study creativity, trying to find it in the human mind when it really flows from God. So, how do we tap into creativity and use it?

First, some basics. One cannot create high fashion without first learning to sew and understand fabrics. In any area where I wanted to be creative, from puppetry to writing, I studied the basics.

Rejoice in failure.

The process of being creative includes practice and trial and error. Be willing — and ready — to fail and observe what did and did not work. That will help you become more creative.

Schedule time to be creative.

That also includes the secret power of rest. We need to let our mind rest and empty it of problems and negative thoughts and comments. Then we have room to be creative.

For me, there’s nothing more inspiring than a blank canvas or page. It’s an invitation to fill it. I can dream and start anything and then see what sticks or what beckons me to continue.

Problems need solutions.

When we view them as challenges and puzzles to solve, we approach them more creatively. Instead of complaining or dwelling on the obstacle, we look for ideas that will fix the difficulty or provide something new in place of a problem.

Take a walk in a zoo or garden.

Look at what God made. Look at the humorous creations and be amazed by the intricacies. Let creation inspire your imagination.

Prayer releases God’s creative power.

I like to have someone give me a theme or problem to pray about. I pray until God nudges me to open my mind. Then ideas pour out. It’s a brainstorm from God. I write the ideas out and then reflect on which ones to try.

Getting together with other creatives is a huge blessing, a time when ideas run wild.

We capture the best and laugh at the most absurd. Mostly, it’s a time to encourage and celebrate creativity.

Take the risk, and open your mind to ideas, thoughts and nudges from God.

Pray Ephesians 3:16 when you want to be empowered with God’s creative powers.

Let that creativity start from your innermost being, the inner fibers of your soul that God wove.

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