The October Issue is Here: What Can Separate Us?

What is separating you from living out the fullness of God’s best for your life and ministry? Is it feelings of inadequacy, fear, prejudice, bitterness, exhaustion or defeat? In this issue of  Leading Hearts you’ll hear singer/songwriter Natasha Owens’ journey to overcome the unexpected loss of her father and Athena Dean Holtz’s Full Circle testimony that brought her out Scientology and a cult to embrace His true restoration. We also have an exclusive interview with Ron Hall, the bestselling author whose personal story of compassion for the homeless, The Same Kind of Different as Me, is now in movie theaters. There is so much more packed into these 52-pages, you’ll want to be sure to pour a big cup of joe and check it out . To get this issue delivered straight to your mobile device, text LEADINGHEARTS to 64600.

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