Susan Neal, Katy Nichole’s Miracle Healing and More in the Summer 2022 Issue of Leading Hearts

Has God called you to a new season in your life? Are you stepping into something uncomfortably bigger than you imagined for yourself? Or are you playing the Waiting Game, not knowing what God will do with you next? This issue of Leading Hearts, and Cover Girl Susan Neal will help you find the courage to follow God’s leading into whatever He has for YOU, whether in ministry, your job, or in a new endeavor! Do you feel the nudge to write, speak or start a home-based business—we have practical insights to start you off on the right foot. Plus, overnight CCM sensation Katy Nichole (In His Name) shares her personal miracle story of experiencing healing from scoliosis!


Find articles about how to hone the tone of your social media posts, why podcasts benefit writers, how to set up your home office, and much more in this issue of Leading Hearts. Text LEADINGHEARTS to 64600 to get this digital issue delivered right to your mobile device, download a printable issue or you can ORDER A PRINT COPY of this issue by clicking the button below.
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In this Issue

4 STAR Principles: Shine Don’t Whine—Cherrilynn Bisbano I Never Regret Being Nice on Social Media—Edie Melson Finding Faith to Walk in a Call Greater Than Myself—Susan Neal Your Family Compass—Pam Farrel Touching Your Trauma to Write Your Story—Donna S. Scott Working from Home? 10 Tips to Feel Comfortable and Stay Motivated—Saundra Dalton-Smith 5 Ways Podcasts Benefit Writers—Linda Goldfarb
In Every Issue
Letter from Publisher—Are You Hoarding Dust Bunnies and Bad Attitudes—Linda Evans Shepherd If They Only Knew—Amber Weigand-Buckley Book Spotlight—Get Up, Girl, Let’s Go & On Purpose Katy Nichole: The Power of His Name—Jennifer Taylor The Big Q: How Can I Overcome Fear with Faith with Cynthia L. Simmons On the Wings of Prayer—Linda Evans Shepherd The Waiting Game plus recipe for Coconut Cake—Penelope Carlevato More Power to Ya! Rhonda Rhea AWSA Membership



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