Take One Step and He’ll Multiply the Work

Early last spring, I was in a slump. I felt like I was swimming upstream in a river of cold molasses. I was closing in on the half-century birthday marker.

Amber Weigand-Buckley | editor Leading Hearts

I had a monotonous, nagging feeling that “life is all downhill from here”—especially physically. I was stuck. But God spoke these words to my heart: “You take the first step, and I’ll multiply the work.”

When I shared that nudge with my hubby, Philip, we took it literally. We began going to a nearby botanical garden to walk in the wee hours of the morning (and I’m NOT a willing morning person). At first, it was a challenge to make it a quarter of the way around the pond without pain (picture above courtesy of Philip). But God continued to say, “Amber, take one step, and I’ll multiply the work.” So, I made it our goal to walk a quarter of the way around the pond every day.

The quarter mark around the pond offered the sweet reward of a park bench time of reprieve. A few weeks into our new pond trek ritual, while taking advantage of our earned resting spot, I said, “God, I believe that by this summer, You are going to take me halfway around this pond.” I had begun to set my sight on a new resting spot across the pond that held beautiful Adirondack chairs amid the shade trees right next to the water.

I told Philip, “I know God will take me halfway around this pond.” I couldn’t get discouraged by my disabilities when I trusted God, who said He’s got the multiplication covered. You know what? When I felt God’s nudge to walk a bit further to another bench (pain and all), He multiplied those steps too. Just a few months later (much sooner than I expected), we arrived halfway around that pond at those beautiful chairs for our oasis time. And in the days following, He increased what I thought was possible—giving me the resilience to walk around the pond, even adding little diversions to increase our steps. However, even when I knew that I could make it around the pond without stopping, God said, “NO. I want you to sit down and rest in THESE chairs—the ones I have set aside for you and Philip—your oasis.”

That was a game-changing moment. I knew God would use my willingness to move so He could bless it and surpass my limited vision at that moment. Even in the miracle of the loaves and fishes, someone had to catch the fish, bake the bread, and hand over their lunch. However, I needed to quell my tendency to throw my energy into making it happen; it was wearing me out— physically and mentally. God, in His goodness, wanted to meet me in those moments with renewal and refreshing.

He encourages us all to sit and rest in the oasis where we can witness Him moving beyond our efforts. That is where He shines the brightest through HIS multiplication. Instead of rushing ahead to the next thing on today’s list of activities, grab your favorite beverage and find your “bench” then ask Father, “What step do You want me to take now? Act when He nudges you to move. He’s in the business of letting us take our one step and then multiplying what is accomplished into more than we can ask or imagine for His glory.



Amber Weigand-Buckley is the editor and art director for the award-winning Leading Hearts magazine. Her book ( with co-writer Lisa Burns), Leading Ladies: Discover Your God-Grown Strategy for Success, showcases the grit, growth, and grace that God uses every day to build up and release kingdom leaders just like you! It releases in Spring 2023 from Bold Vision Books.

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