Healing at the Source

Tracy Hester

Often, we go to external sources to try and heal ourselves instead of running straight into the arms of Jesus.

Others are limited and don’t have the solution or the power to offer us total and sustainable healing; only Jesus has this power and authority.

After my 24-year marriage ended, I didn’t want to waste more time, money, and resources on self-help solutions that were not sustainable. I desperately needed a God help solution. He created me. He has the blueprint for my life, which means He has a customized solution for my needs, wants, and desires. My healing and help came when I became desperate to see God heal me emotionally.

If we are not spending time with God, we can get stuck in our thinking and miss God’s plan on how He might want to heal, restore, or answer our prayers. This stuckness can dim our faith, block out God’s voice, and delay us from freely walking into all He has called us to be.

Here are three Get Unstuck strategies from Psalm 84 to remind us of the benefits of spending time with God and how to rely on His help for what we need every day:

1. Get Away

We must get away in God’s presence to get and remain inspired. Unfortunately, I can quickly get stuck in writing to meet a deadline instead of writing to transform. I noticed this happens when I’m trying to produce content from my head, not my heart. Head writing is hard and results when I haven’t spent quality time with God.

2. Get Strengthened

Possibly, your life is like mine — busy giving to family, projects, ministry priorities, and juggling life — all things I love, but also where I can get depleted.

Martha in the Bible was busy planning a seven-course meal for Jesus when He only wanted a sandwich. Was I Martha? Yes, Jesus wants me to keep things simple and enjoy His presence. Rest, stay a little while in His company — where He can strengthen my weary soul.

It’s impossible to move and grow when we get depleted mentally or physically.

I understand how King David rose to a position of Godordained authority. He knew the solution to a busy and depleted life. David met with God as often as possible, and he felt refreshed and revived.

3. Get God’s Strategy

What’s God’s strategy? First, for us to walk boldly in our callings in the unique and creative ways God has gifted us.

We must have a clear focus on where God wants us to GO. This strategy will keep us from wandering ahead of God to the next new thing that catches our eye. And we must not sit back and get discouraged because things are not happening as fast as we desire. Instead, allow God’s ability to be combined with our mobility and a spirit of flexibility to accomplish the task.

How do we stay on task? We continue to go back and revisit the strategy, pray about it, and listen for His voice, His Spirit.

God wants us to enjoy our best life here and now. He wants us to get reignited so that we may walk in faith, inspire others to trust in Him, help them get unstuck from their past, and move forward to share in His Commission to advance His Kingdom.

God is calling you out: It’s time you walked into new freedom and purpose in your life by understanding your value as God sees you. Trust that God’s plan is still being birthed in you, God has a beautiful redemptive plan for your life. There is more to add to your story.

Take time to declare Haggi 2:9, speaking it aloud over your life and standing in its promises:

“The future glory of this Temple will be greater than its past glory,” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. “And in this place I will bring peace. I, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, have spoken!” (NIV)

Let’s stay in God’s presence continually and let Him open doors so we can live freely.



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