5 Reasons WHY to Hire a Speaking Coach

by Tammy Whitehurst

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

Colin Powell

You love what you do, you are a word junkie, and you have experience – why would you hire a speaking coach?

I’ve got five reasons for you, but they all boil down to this – if we want to be the kind of speaker who gets standing ovations, repeat bookings, and word of mouth advertising, we must invest in the gift the good Lord gave us.  

  • We work on it.
  • We make it better.
  • We research and we study.
  • We invest money to make it the best it can be.

Sometimes that means hiring a speaking coach to help you hit the bullseye. Can I do that in 600 words or less?  Let the countdown or should I say, word count, begin…

1.     A great IDEA is one thing, but a great Talk is another.

To begin, we must speak WITH the audience instead AT the audience. There is a skill behind this.  So is crafting a compelling talk that will engage and move your audience toward a standing ovation.   

   2.  There is a big difference between a “me” talk and a “we” talk.

Many speakers forget that you aren’t the most important element of your talk – the audience is. Leading them to the Lord is the goal. Without an audience, we would not be asked to speak. That means before you ever take the first step on stage, you must make sure you’re involving the audience’s head, heart, and attention span. If the talk is all about YOU then they will lose interest. Even a testimonial talk can be turned into a talk where everyone is involved it is ideal.

3. Skill is the big deal.

There are many suggestions on how to involve the audience. The stakes are high.  They are expecting you to be engaging and not to bore them to death. If they are looking at their watch instead of you—they have zoned out.  This is why you hire a professional to help you create a talk that hits the center of the bullseye. It requires doing something out of the ordinary.

4. The way you step out on stage matters. You must win them over from the beginning. The audience knows if they will love you within 5 minutes.

Let the audience know what they are in for and your hope is that they will leave different than they came. You wow them with a hook at the beginning and leave them with a clincher at the end.

Draw the line in the Sand

Obviously, you can hire me. I’d love to help you write a talk to earn a standing ovation at the end.  I love working with speakers and writers. 

And just one more thing…if you’re scared to death of critique, I get it.  I am not a mean girl and we will work together in a way to glorify the Lord. I assure you there is no need to be nervous. On the contrary, be excited!

I will show you how to create a signature talk to knock the audience’s fuzzy socks off! I’ll also encourage and tell you things you’re doing well, and I’ll be a cheerleader for you and pray for you when you speak.

Let’s get started!  Are you ready?

Feel free to contact me via email @ TammyWhitehurst@gmail.com or through my website TammyWhitehurst.com ( Tipping my coffee cup at you now.)

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