#LeadingLady Life Hacks with Sharon Oliver


SHARON a highly sought-after inspirational speaker. And her goal is to let her love for Christ shine through everything she does in the mainstream. She is known for her candid and humorous personality that gives personification to her stories and conferences.

Since 2014, Sharon has been the publisher of Richmond, Virginia’s popular lifestyle publication, CEO Magazine. CEO Magazine features articles of women from various backgrounds and demographics that are leading in their communities and in the business sector. Through unprecedented support of CEO Magazine, it has also given birth to various subsidiaries; CEO Network: Club CEO & CEO Studios, Chicks with Brands and CEO Publishing.

Sharon, who is an ordained minister, is anticipating the release of her first book Dear, Stupid.me is set to release in Winter 2020.

Sharon says, “Being the Chief Executive of your life takes work. Taking care of yourself is priceless.” Besides coffee and a whole lotta Jesus, here are some of her fave leading lady life hacks


Ginger and Turmeric are a healing agent with many different benefits that help with health and mental clarity.” Sharon says she buys from Wakaya Perfection, “because they have the purest form of ginger because it grows on their island.” thatceolife.mywakaya.com


My favorite PJs are from foxers.com. “The cotton feels amazing! I love the comfort and the style.”


“I stay on the run, so I depend on Acuity for all of my scheduling needs.” Acuity Scheduling is an electronic planner with crafted layouts designed for you to help you stay on top of your game. Acuity will automatically send customized brained confirmations, reminders and follow-ups to your clients with either text or email.

Acuity also excepts payments from Stripe, Square and Paypal. Just because you’re a big CEO, doesn’t mean you have to have big stress. Switching to Acuity can help you make the most of your valuable time. acuityscheduling.com

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