When God Calls the Heart Back to Him

by Michelle S. Cox in Leading Hearts Magazine

WHENEVER I VISIT HOPE VALLEY (the set of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” television show), I’m always struck by how different things were back in 1915 and in the years following (which is when the show is set).

The antique cook-stove in Elizabeth’s house, the stagecoach pulling into town, the lack of telephones and cars in the early seasons, and the absence of so many other modern conveniences are stark reminders of how things have changed through the years.

But even without all the must-have things we take for granted now, there were important life-lessons from back then, things that many of us have forgotten or ignored as we’ve rushed through our busy days.

The sense of community was one of Hope Valley’s riches.


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When God Calls the Heart to Diligence

The path to fulfilling God’s plans for our lives often isn’t easy, but the results are always worth it … if we’ll be diligent to our calling.

by MICHELLE S. COX in Leading Hearts Magazine


I can’t think of a better word for the year than diligence — for us to put steady, earnest and energetic efforts into serving God.

For those of you who have seen Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart television series, you know that Elizabeth Thatcher experienced many moments when she had to decide whether or not she was going to be diligent.

This young woman traveled west in 1915 to become a schoolteacher.

Before she even arrived in Coal Valley (as it was called then), she was the victim of stagecoach robbers. When a bedraggled Elizabeth finally arrived, she was taken aback by the hardscrabble coal town, and she received anything but a warm welcome from the women there.


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When God Calls the Heart: The Christmas Present that Never Disappoints


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. —James 1:17

FOR THOSE OF US WHO ARE FANS OF HALLMARK’S WHEN CALLS THE HEART TELEVISION SERIES, the characters of the show seem like family. Yes, they’re fictional characters from the fictional town of Hope Valley, but we can learn some valuable lessons from them — at Christmas and throughout the year.

For example, from the beloved characters of Lee and Rosemary Coulter…Lee Coulter wanted to do something special for his wife, Rosemary, for their first Christmas as husband and wife. Knowing of her love for baubles, he bought her a unique brooch for her Christmas gift — one he thought would tickle her fancy.

Lee also knew of her penchant for snooping, so he hid the gift in a place she’d never look. But ever-vigilant Rosemary spied it out anyway — and let’s just say she wasn’t excited about her new accessory. “Horrified” might be a better word.


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