Discover the Voice God Has Given You with the Spring 2022 Issue of Leading Hearts

Are you struggling to share the story God’s given you? Have feelings of shame, fear, anxiety, or unresolved hurt or grief left you feeling disqualified to lead?

This issue of Leading Hearts is focused on helping you be freely released into the call God has for you.

Hear Linda Goldfarb’s journey to finding her voice, Rachael Lampa and the women of the FAITHFUL project, secrets to lifetime leadership, and what successful leadership looks like. Plus, find the true measuring stick for success with Carol Kent and why social media is still important for ministry leaders!

All this and more in the new issue of Leading Hearts!

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In this Issue

The Power of Letting Go—Tracy Hester

6 Qualities of a Lifetime Leader—Karen Porter

Discovering the Voice God Gave Me—Linda Goldfarb

Lighthouse of Hope—Pam Farrel

5 Ways to Surrender (Even if You Don’t Want To)—Michelle S. Lazurek

Why Social Media is Still Valuable for Ministry Leaders—Edie Melson

Give Yourself Grace to Navigate Grief—Saundra Dalton-Smith

Defining Measurements of Success—Carol Kent

In Every Issue

Letter from Publisher—Taming a Mountain Lion of Fear—Linda Evans Shepherd

Letter from Editor—Are You Building An Ark or a Golden Calf?—Amber Weigand-Buckley

Rachael Lampa and the Women of the FAITHFUL Project: Go & Speak—Jennifer Taylor

The Big Q: What is Righteousness with Cynthia L. Simmons

Podcast Spotlight—Heart in a Drawer & the FAITHFUL podcast

The Prayer that Turns Pain to Joy and Difficulties to Peace—Linda Evans Shepherd

Hands of Encouragement plus recipe for British Flapjacks—Penelope Carlevato

Reading Between the Lines and Living Between the Times—Rhonda Rhea

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