Arise Esther Conference Preview Edition of Leading Hearts Available NOW! Kerri Pomarolli Arise to Laughter

ARISE to Laughter

It’s time to Arise to all that God has called you to be! 
The Arise Esther Conference Preview edition of Leading Hearts will inspire you to let go of everything that is holding you back. Hear inspiring messages from Comedian Kerri Pomarolli & CCM Artist Sharon Tedford.
Get 5 tips for Overcoming Emotional Overload, Engaging Your Spiritual Gifts and Give your Soul a Stretch.

Plus get an exclusive sneak peek into the 2021 Arise Esther Virtual Conference happening Feb 24-26.

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From the Publisher
 Sometimes I Struggle – Lee Ann Mancini
 Arise to Laughter-Kerri Pomarolli
 Giants In My Backyard -Karen Porter 
Intentional Love Instead of Irritation-Pam Farrel  
 The Big Question: I feel like God is Calling Me to Write-Cynthia L. Simmons
 Every Soul Needs a Good Stretch-Janell Rardon 

Use Your Weapons-Dr Evelyn Johnson-Taylor
 Anointed & Appointed-Sharon Tedford
Moving Forth in Hope and Love-Penelope Carlevato

 Are You Dealing With Emotional Overload?-Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith 
You Are Designed to Lead-Julie Zine Coleman  
Rise Above Your Emotions-Linda Evans Shepherd
Christian Book Buzz
 The Church Must Join the Fight-Sioni Rodriguez
 Celebrating My Recovery-Dawn Lynn Mann
When Crickets Chirp-Rhonda Rhea

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