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I arrived at my first Christian writer’s conference in 2010, repeating a simple prayer. Lord, please show me the next step You want me to take and give me the courage to follow Your lead.

During that conference, God connected me with authors, editors, and speakers who prayed for me offered wise counsel, invested in my training, and encouraged me. Working alongside these fellow Christian communicators shaved years off my learning process. It provided much-needed support when my writing journey didn’t align with my goals, meet industry standards, or fit into my everchanging five-year plans.

Through these genuine relationships, God adjusted my vision of success and revealed five ways to live as a Christ-centered influencer.

1. Recognize writing as a tool for ministry, rather than a core part of your identity.

When we stop determining our worth through our resumes, we can accept rejections as signs of redirection from God. 

By developing a sense of stewardship regarding the gifts He’s entrusted to us, our goals and purpose can become others-focused. 

2. Value every servant within the Church as a co-worker instead of a competitor.

When we stop worrying about what God is doing in someone else’s writing or speaking journey, we can get excited about what He’s doing in our lives and through our mutually encouraging relationships.

3. Accept your responsibility to serve people.

When we acknowledge that the coveted platform publishers desire consists of the people God loves, we can love and serve the people He places within our sphere of influence.

4. Honor the shared goal God has given His disciples.

When we realize that we need readers and our fellow Christian communicators (Acts 2:21-25) as we grow spiritually (verse 42), we can work together as God adds to our “number daily those who were being saved” (verse 47).

5. Come alongside fellow Christian communicators in ministry.

When we share knowledge and resources while intentionally and prayerfully encouraging fellow Christian communicators, we become a part of the work God is doing in and through their lives.

How can we develop relationships necessary to nurture our growth as Christ-centered influencers?

1. Contact one to three people who share your target audience.

2. Communicate through prayer meetings or groups to stay connected while working separately.

3. Commit to offering mutual support with book launches, reviews, and promotional events.

4. Celebrate each person’s unique strengths by collaborating with one another regularly.

5. Connect with other groups or organizations committed to cooperative ministry.

Just as God grew the Early Church through believers’ fellowship in Acts 2, He can expand our reach and His Kingdom when each of us serves as a Christ-centered influencer.

Show us the next step, Lord, and give us the courage to work together as we follow Your lead.

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