Robin Luftig: Find Healing Peace for Your Heart

Robin Luftig with Breanna Berry, LH Intern in Leading Hearts Magazine

God knows, and He is with you right now, this present moment.

AFTER EXPERIENCING LIFE IN MANY DIFFERENT AND CHALLENGING WAYS, ROBIN LUFTIG WAS ABLE TO HEAL and solidify her faith by following a path she had never expected. Robin maneuvered her way through life, facing sharp turns and what seemed to have been dead-end roads. But, with God as her guide, she was able to simply “be still.”

By using her journey as a venue to reach people, God’s Best During Your Worst has not only solidified her faith but has also given her the opportunity to help others heal during their worst.

Q: Robin, as an author who has written many books and a speaker who captures minds with such powerful truth, what messages do you hope others can receive from your words?

Robin: You know, it’s funny, because a lot of people have different gifts. One of the gifts that I have is that I like to talk to people about brokenness and share that no one is beyond God’s repair. No one is outside of God’s reach.

In my talks, I give examples where I messed up life, you know, time and time again and how God was still incredibly faithful. My most important message is redemption is for anyone who seeks it.

Q: You’re also the founder of Renew Ministries. Do you think Renew Ministries helps solidify those messages as well?

Robin: That’s the beauty of it all; A personal relationship with Christ can renew that. Whether we call it that or not, I think that’s what most of us do. We’re always trying to rebuild and reclaim that relationship that our sin continually breaks us away from Christ.

Q: How would you say God has had a hand in this journey for you? Are there any messages you were able to receive from Him?

Robin: There have been several messages. Ever since I got back on track — and it took me a long time to get there — but once I did a swan dive into my relationship with Jesus, He has been always close. I can remember continually listening and hearing Him guide me.

There was a time where I was a single mother and purchased a house. I was probably in over my head. I wanted it for my son. It was just going to be me and my boy and my Lord. Somehow, I paid ahead on some bills and then didn’t have enough for my mortgage. It was like, “Oh no. We’re going to be in the streets! I’m a terrible mother!”

So, I went for a walk. It was Sunday night, and I was crying out to God. Instead of consoling me, He admonished me. “Be still and know that I’m God.”

I got to a point where I said, “Fine. I’m not going to worry about it anymore. This is on your plate, not mine. You take care of it.” Well, I needed my money by Thursday. Monday came and went, no money. Tuesday came and went, no money.

Wednesday came and before youth group, we had the youth pastor over for dinner. We all left in a hurry, and I didn’t realize I left a stove burner on. When I came back, the house was filled with smoke. It was awful; we couldn’t stay there.

The insurance people came over the next day, Thursday, which was when I needed the money. They said, “You’re going to need money to live,” and they wrote me a check. They said to take it and put it toward our living arrangements, meals, cellphone.

Wouldn’t you know, it was what I needed to make my mortgage. It was stuff like that where He was always there. He told me He would take care of it and He did.

Q: Your new book, God’s Best During Your Worst, released on March 12, is full of so much heart and truth. What was your overall purpose for releasing your story?

Robin: Because it took me over nine years to finish it, the purpose changed. It started out as a memoir, sharing how I discovered that God really was who He said He was. I needed to know.

A person can say that they know, but I needed no doubt in my mind. So, I used those 10 days to seek wisdom through books and speakers. I wrote emails to friends, thanking them for breathing positivity and grace into my life.

I looked for God’s provision, and every time I looked, I found it.

It was an incredibly close time with Jesus. I had pushed through so far, and He was right there with me the whole time. That challenged me to turn it into a Christian Living book.

Q: What has writing this done for you personally?

Robin: It solidified my faith. Carrying around your faith in your brain is one thing, but when you put it down on paper, you can look at it. You can pull it apart. You can move it around and challenge it, and I’m big on challenging your faith — in a good way, of course. It helps you know what you know. It confirms that this is right and real. Oh, yes, God’s love and mercy are real, and that’s just wonderful.

Q: Overall, what would you like your readers to get from your book?

Robin: There is homework in this story. At the end of every chapter, I ask the reader questions and challenge them to journal their answers. A companion journal to go with this book is coming soon if they want to do more writing.

My brain tumor was my worst. God used it for the venue to reach others about their worst and where God was during that time.

Their worst could be a physical issue, a broken marriage or relationship, financial problems or even the pandemic we’re currently experiencing; there are all sorts of different worsts.

If they want to read the book, that’s fine, but if they want to heal through, they have to do the work.

Q: Robin, I see you as more than just a speaker or just an author. You are an inspiration to many people in this world. For those out there who are scared, worried, feeling alone and going through their worst, what message could you give to ease their hearts?

Robin: God knows, and He is with them right now, this present moment. There’s nothing that they could do to be too ashamed, too guilty, too ugly or too disgusting because we all feel those ways at times. He gets that.

All He asks is for a relationship with us, for us to love Him. That’s awesome when you think about that. The Creator of the universe, who placed the stars in the sky, wants to know me and wants to know you. I’m not a very nice person at times. I’ve come through some dark, dark valleys. So, if He wants me, He will want anybody.

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