Available Now—Leading Hearts February 2020 Issue—God’s Got a Word for YOU!

What word has God been laying on your heart over and over this year? Is He prompting you to step out in faith, abide in His peace, trust Him for answers, maybe He needs you to focus on rest.

For this issue of Leading Hearts, we are tuning into those words so that you might better open your ears and heart to the message He wants you to hear.

You’ll also receive insight from conflict expert Janell Rardon on how to deal with the sting of relational conflict, 5 ways to boost your confidence with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and Heartie Michelle S. Cox’s When God Calls the Heart to Perseverance perspective.

Cover Girl Cynthia L. Simmons Shares how she is using history to share His Message of Love and the Curriculum Companion to her novel, Pursing Gold. Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers, you’ll want to check this out!

CCM Artist and celebrity insider Shae Wilbur shares about her debut album Unmovable and impacting the mainstream with the real message of Jesus Christ.

A third installment of a Leading Lady Life Hacks Lovely products that Love Back— from Shae. All this and more in this issue of Leading Hearts!

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New Issue Story Highlights:

cynthialsimmons.com Pursing Gold

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