Racial Reconciliation, Repentance & Restitution: Key Items for Every Leader’s Agenda

by Dr. Sabrina Black in Leading Hearts magazine

Leaders impact and influence change. In today’s climate of racial tension and protest of injustice, leaders who will put key items on the agenda are needed. Leaders in every sphere of our society, whether Christian or secular, are bringing the issues of race to the conference table.

It is unfortunate that even in predominantly white, Christian groups, minority people, are often not considered; or there is a blatant disregard. We have a voice, that needs to be heard.

Agenda Item #1 – Racial Reconciliation (The process of healing and transforming injustice)

When the agenda is set for any meeting or gathering, these key items: racial reconciliation, repentance and restitution, need to be a part of the old and new business. We need to look back and review what we have done well and where we have missed the mark.

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