A Light to My Path

by Karen Whiting in Leading Hearts Magazine


Certain Scriptures guide me and keep me focused, especially ones I believe God wants me to use for my career and for each year. At the start of each year, I look up my life verse, Ephesians 3:16, in a different translation. This year I used The Passion Translation.

This New Year I felt impressed with Zechariah 2:5. God wanted the Israelites to rebuild the temple. He declared that He would be a wall of fire (protection) around the temple and its glory within. Wow!

Where is His temple today? Paul makes it clear: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?” (1 Corinthians 6:19 NIV).

The last part of 2019, I realized how blessing others and writing reveals God’s glory. When people see us and watch our actions, we glorify God. That allows people to glimpse God’s glory, the source of unlimited riches or blessings.

The Old Testament words for “glory” are “kaved” and “kavod.” They refer to honor and matters that are weighty, substantive, intense, severe and massive.

Glory here implies a weight like a rock so big it provides shade for people. It also means unmovable like our unchanging God. “Kavod” also described how God made Pharaoh’s heart unmovable.

For Israelites the more “kavod” (or weight) attributed to someone, the more the person became respected and worthy of honor. Glory is also a reference to God’s presence.

Scripture draws me closer to God.

I’ve seen God flood me with inner strength with divine might and explosive power. God’s power is so explosive that He created the universe.

I’ve prayed this verse to be inspired by God’s creative power, strength to write, and more.

Praying the verse has changed my life and helped me do so much in writing with creativity. People remark about my creativity, but it all comes from God.

What do I do with my life verse (Ephesians 3:16)?

• I read it often and pray it.
• When I feel I can’t do something, I trust God will pour out His strength and power in me.
• The word “unveil” in the verse implies time and continually getting to understand God more. That inspires me to continue looking deeper into Scriptures so I can understand God and God’s glory more and how to use the power He gives me.
• God’s glory causes me to desire to be holy and pure, for God cannot abide with sin.
• My reading each year is through the lens of the word God gives me. One year it was “hope,” and I saw that in all God did.

This year I will view life and work through the lens of God’s glory to share God from a fresh perspective.

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Praying Into the Vision

by Linda Evans Shepherd in Leading Hearts Magazine

WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE TO FOLLOW AFTER GOD? Was it to raise your kids, teach the teenage class at church or read your Bible through in a year? All good pursuits, but have you ever dared to leave your comfort zone behind and dive headfirst into the unknown because you felt God put an idea before you?

When I was a young Christian, I made up my mind to always say yes to God.

Yes, I will serve you. Yes, I will go where you send me.

In those days I thought God was sending me to seminary to study how to become a youth director. So, after I was accepted into a fine seminary, I never dreamed I would face a roadblock.

When the seminary president wrote me, “Because you married an engineer and not one of our pastoral students, we are canceling your seminary enrollment.”

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Tanya J. Miller: Walking the Path of Impossibilities

It’s hard and difficult to admit, but even in your pursuit and persistence, you still may not succeed initially or on the next try. And you know what? That’s ok.

by Tanya J. Miller in Leading Hearts Magazine

So, when Amber, LH editor asked if there were ladies from the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association interested in being interviewed on her FB Live Show,  I literally thought 

• One: It’s time to shoot your shot.

• Two: Nothing beats a failure, but trying.

• Three: Step out on faith and put yourself out there again.

Well, needless to say, Amber and God had other plans for me. She messaged me and said yes, are you free? And then asked: hey you wouldn’t want to write an article about pursuing God’s call with impossible faith? With an impossible deadline of Oct 5th? Or better yet, how about Walking the Path of Impossibilities?

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Is God Waiting On You?

by Amber Weigand-Buckley @barefacedgirl, editor of Leading Hearts Magazine

The funny thing about leadership is that it takes far less faith to TALK about your CALL than it does to WALK OUT your CALL. Why?

Because you have to put feet to your faith before you can allow God to SHOW UP and perform the MIRACULOUS.

Joshua and the Israelite priests leading their people into the Promise Land knew that if they followed God’s direction, they were going to hit the Jordan River (Joshua 1:1-9). It didn’t take a genius to realize that when they hit the water, they didn’t have the necessary provisions — no boats or life jackets.

All they had was the faith that when they got there, God would show up — and He did.

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